Dumpster Rental Services in New Jersey

dumpster rental near me in new jersey

When you need to rent a dumpster in New Jersey, a temporary roll-off dumpster is the perfect choice for a variety of projects. Camarato Disposal will handle the delivery and pickup of your dumpster rental to and from your designated location in Ocean, Monmouth, Middlesex and Mercer County, NJ, offering fully insured and safe dumpster services for both self-filling and full-service junk removal.

Our highly trained drivers will make sure to place the container as close as possible to your desired location as long as it can be accessed safely.

All NJ dumpster rentals available from Camarato Disposal include reliable service and flexible delivery and pickup, including Saturdays. The container sizes listed below include a walk-in door.

10 Yard Container

10 yard container dumpster rental nj

10’x8’x4′: Holds up to 2 tons

Ideal for:

  • Cleaning out debris from a basement or garage for a specific project
  • 250 square foot deck removal
  • 1,500 square foot of asphalt roofing shingles
  • Small kitchen or bathroom remodeling projects

15 Yard Container

15 yard container dumpster rental nj

15’x8’x4′: Holds up to 3 tons

Ideal for:

  • Renovation cleanout
  • 300 square foot deck removal
  • 2000 square foot of asphalt roofing shingles (single layer)
  • Home remodeling projects

20 Yard Container

20 yard container dumpster rental nj

20’x8’x4′: Holds up to 4 tons

Ideal for:

  • Mid-size garage or attic cleanout
  • 300-400 square foot deck removal
  • 2,500-3,000 square foot of asphalt roofing shingles (single layer)
  • Mid-size asphalt and concrete removal projects such as removing a driveway
  • Waste removal for construction projects, including home renovations and other large-scale tasks

30 Yard Container

30 yard container dumpster rental nj

22’x8’x6′: Holds up to 5 tons

Ideal for:

  • Large remodeling projects where finding the right roll off bin size is crucial
  • 750 square foot deck removal
  • 4,500 square foot of asphalt roofing shingles
  • Demolition projects

40 Yard Container

40 yard container dumpster rental nj

22’x8’x8′: Holds up to 7 tons

Ideal for:

  • Large remodeling projects
  • 1000 square foot deck removal
  • 4,500 square foot of asphalt roofing shingles
  • Demolition projects
  • Various junk removal projects such as cleaning out garages, closets, backyards, and other do-it-yourself tasks

Dumpster Rentals in Toms River and Surrounding Areas

At Camarato, our services include dumpster rental delivery and pickup in Toms River, New Jersey and the surrounding communities, simplifying the process. Schedule your roll-off rental period, and you’ll see our team pull up on time, every time for both delivery and pick up.

We can even help you determine the best place to keep your dumpster for the duration of the project, based on access, property protection, and local ordinances.

Superior Customer Service for Commercial and Residential Waste

Many of our commercial and residential customers choose us because we offer flexibility and reliability for both commercial and residential use. We want to earn your business around town now and into the future, which means your satisfaction is our top priority. In Ocean County, New Jersey, Camarato Disposal offers convenience, affordability, and friendly service. The Camarato ordering process is simple:

1. Get in touch via phone 732-279-1988, email, or our online request form.
3. Schedule your services.
4. Load up your container, and we’ll haul it off per order instructions.

We’ll even accommodate specialty dumpster requests. For residential customers, we accept all major credit cards. For commercial and long-term projects, we can accommodate both credit card payments and invoicing.

Our NJ dumpster rental options include:

how much weight does a dumpster rental hold

10-yard & 15 yard containersThese low profile dumpsters are ideal for one room remodeling projects, deck removal, house cleanouts, yard and storm debris removal, and other small to medium-sized jobs. Choosing the appropriate size container is crucial to avoid overage charges, especially when disposing of heavy, solid items such as dirt, gravel, bricks, or concrete. A 10-yard dumpster will hold up under the weight of both light and heavy debris, and can accommodate concrete, soil, and gravel loads.

20-yard containerOur 20-yard container is a heavy duty rental dumpster that can accommodate heavy debris, including concrete, but NO gravel or soil. Great for restoration work, commercial remodeling projects, large home renovations, roof removal, and neighborhood yard cleanups, these mid-sized containers offer increased waste removal flexibility.

30-yard & 40-yard containersThe largest of our dumpsters have sizes that add capacity without increasing the dumpster’s footprint. They cannot handle heavy debris removal, but does work well for large commercial projects, large renovations, new construction, storm cleanup, and ongoing project cleanups.

Dumpster Location and Placement

Please select a hard, flat surface that’s free of obstacles including low hanging wires or tree branches to place the right dumpster. Avoid placing the dumpster near pedestrian walkways or road traffic as our driver will need about 100′ of space or 1/3 the length of a football field to service your container.

When choosing a dumpster location:

  • Avoid areas near pedestrian walkways or automobile traffic
  • Leave the required space of at least 100 feet in length for dumpster drop-off
  • Select a level surface, free of debris and obstructions like low hanging wires or tree branches

To prepare for dumpster pickup: 

  • Ensure items in your dumpster are evenly distributed and not sticking out of the top
  • Do not exceed the maximum tonnage allowed (10 tons)
dumpster rental placement in new jersey

On service day(s):

  • Move parked vehicles or other obstacles that may prevent access to your dumpster
  • Make sure gates are unlocked or provide our driver with a key or code to gain access to the service area
  • Remove tarp that’s been added to protect your dumpster from inclement weather

How much does it cost to rent a roll off dumpster?

Flexible Sizing and Transparent Pricing

Every roll-off dumpster service prices their products differently. Some offer flat-rate pricing that seems cost-effective at first but overcharges some customers for their waste. Others, our business included, offer needs-based pricing with transparent pricing. Our prices include drop-off, pickup, and up to 5 tons of waste, depending on the rental. We charge a standard rate per ton for any amount exceeding the container’s maximum. You’ll never pay for more than you use when you order one of our roll-off containers.

For exact pricing, please call now [732-279-1988](tel:(732) 279-1988) or contact us for a quote. Base pricing is for a single haul and it accounts for a pre-defined tonnage, cost of landfill disposal, how long it will take to deliver to your desired location and operating costs. There are additional factors that might alter your final rental price. These factors include excess weight in your container, fluctuating tonnage and the duration of your rental period.

Get Started Today

We can often accommodate same-day requests and help our customers with short-term and long-term roll-off dumpster rentals.

Call 732-279-1988 or Contact Us Now For The Best New Jersey Dumpster Rentals

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long can I keep the dumpster?

You can typically keep the dumpster for up to 7 days. However, if you need it for a longer period, we offer flexible rental options to accommodate your project timeline.

What items are not allowed in the dumpster?

Prohibited items may include hazardous materials such as medical waste, chemicals, paints, batteries, tires, and electronics. Additionally, local regulations may restrict certain materials. Please consult this post for more details to ensure compliance with disposal guidelines.

What size dumpsters do you offer?

We offer a range of dumpster sizes to suit various project needs, including 10-yard, 15-yard, 20-yard, 30-yard, and 40-yard containers. Our team can help you select the appropriate size based on your specific requirements.

Will a dumpster damage a driveway? If so, is there anything that can be done to avoid damage?

Camarato Disposal prioritizes the protection of your driveway. To prevent damage, we place blocks of wood under the wheels of the dumpster. This helps distribute the weight more evenly and minimizes the risk of any potential damage to your driveway surface.

Do I need a permit to place a dumpster on the street?

In some areas, you may require a permit to place a dumpster on the street or other public property. Our team can assist you in determining if a permit is necessary and guide you on how to obtain the required permits to ensure compliance with local regulations.

Can I place the dumpster on uneven ground?

While it’s preferable to place the dumpster on a flat, stable surface, our experienced drivers can often accommodate placement on slightly uneven ground. However, for significant slopes or unstable terrain, we may need to discuss alternative placement options.

How much weight can the dumpster hold?

Each dumpster size comes with a specified weight limit to ensure safe transportation and disposal. Our team will provide you with the weight limit for your chosen dumpster size, and we advise against overloading to prevent any additional charges or safety hazards.

How far in advance do I need to schedule a dumpster rental?

We recommend scheduling your dumpster rental as soon as you know your project timeline to ensure availability. However, we strive to accommodate last-minute requests whenever possible, so feel free to contact us to check for availability.

Do you offer same-day dumpster delivery?

Yes, we understand that timing is crucial for many projects, so we offer same-day dumpster delivery whenever feasible. Contact us to discuss your needs, and we’ll do our best to accommodate your schedule.

What areas do you serve?

Camarato Disposal proudly serves Ocean County, Monmouth County, Mercer County, and Middlesex County in New Jersey. Whether you’re located in Toms River, Freehold, Princeton, or Edison, we’re here to meet your dumpster rental needs.